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Performance Note
Maximum speed 20km/h
Driving mileage 18-25km Depend on the rider’s weight, road condition
and the environmental temperature
Maximum climbing angle About 20°
Power of battery 211wh(265wh,317wh,418wh for optional) The fender boasts the function of balance
Temperature suitable for riding Minus 10 ℃ - 40 ℃
Storage temperature Minus 30 ℃ - 70 ℃
Maximum load 120kg
Charger voltage AC 220V 50-60Hz
Charger time 2 hours
Appearance and weight
Overall dimensions 741x259x280mm
The distance between
the pedal and ground
Tire dimensions Φ280mm Smootn tire and grip tire for option
Body weight of the vehicle 13.9kg
Protection measures
Side tilt protection Both are 45°on the left and right The motor will stop rotating while exceeding 45°
Speed-limiting protection Start when it is more than 15 km/h The front end of the pedal rises to prevent further acceleration.
Low battery indication The red light flickers when about 25% of the electric power is remained The buzzer beeps once every 15 seconds
Information indication
Battery indicator The red light starts when about 10% of the electric power is remained The front end of the pedal begin to rise
The red indicators on both sides flicker The electric quantity is less than 25%
Voice reminder Beep Continuous beeps during the low electric quantity protection
Voice reminder Blew Blew while tilting to the side
Standard battery charger
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